Sunday, June 5, 2011

Getting back to it.

So i had a hectic couple of months between starting this blog and now, and haven't had time to do anything, but i am back on top of things now..

Let's do a movie review. So i went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4 recently... Twice... And i'm not all that impressed. It's nowhere near as good as the first 2, and even the 3rd one was better then this one, but still it is a Pirates movie and it did have Johnny Depp.

The mermaids were a good addition to the film, however, the "zombie's" were horrible!

Also, the lack of anything to do with the Sea Goddess "Calypso" was a bit of a let down...

But still, the witty Jack Sparrow, and the marvelous Hector Barbossa still pushed the movie, and the infamous Blackbeard made a nice addition to the cast.

Out of 5 i would rate this move a 3.75.


  1. Thanks for the review!
    I'm considering going to see this movie over the next couple of days, would you say it is worth it?

  2. If you are a fan of the Pirates movies then you definitely need to see it.. Otherwise it depends on what kind of movie you like.

  3. I'm waiting for the DVD to come out. The third movie was waaaay too long for my tastes. No need for a Pirates movie to rival Lord of the Rings in length.