Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back for good!

Hey guys!

So the end of my year last year got pretty insane, after going to Cambodia (which was absolutely amazing!) I just got busier and busier and busier as the year went on. This year has been going way too fast, and i've been spending a lot of my time job hunting. But disregarding all that, i am going to be blogging a lot more often as of now!

So, i'm not sure why it is, but there is a huge lack of employers looking for employees in my area. It makes me wonder whether that is because all the company's in my area just aren't doing well financially and can't afford to take on staff, or if everybody is happy with their jobs and not quitting, meaning there is no reason to hire, but it is quite inconvenient...

Anyway, it is late and i suppose i should get some sleep...

Oh! One more thing guys! I would love to hear some ideas from you on what to blog about. My personal interests are politics, movies, gaming, sports, literature, but really i can manage to talk about anything, and i am good at doing research. So any requests would be appreciated.



  1. Welcome back, I look forward to some awesome content!

  2. As for ideas to blog about: it is hard to find quality blogs on literature, whereas politics might be too subjective and games/movies has already been done too often.

  3. Welcome back! Do you like poetry at all? What type of literature do you enjoy reading?

  4. Hello again and I'd love to see some movie reviews or literature about existence and things like that ;)

  5. Hello! So... Whilst i know it is a touchy topic, i was wondering whether you are Christian or not, and either way, i was interested in hearing your interpretations on some biblical texts... :)

  6. Hey mate! What sort of sports are ya interested in? I love sports, and always love to hear other peoples opinions on all sorts of sports!