Thursday, April 5, 2012

A short film.

Hey guys! Thank you very much for the feedback! I will look into what i want to blog about, and may even make another post later today depending on how i go for time!

In the meantime, i came across a youtube video over the last couple of hours, and i must admit, i really like it! But before I post the link, i am going to give a short summary of what this group of people do (or did as it would appear, there hasn't been any videos lately...). And no, don't expect a Kony2012 video, this is more for the short film sort of people.

So basically (from what i can tell) these guys are a group of people who get together as a group that they name "film club" (yes it is a reference to fight club), and what they do is they roll 2 dice, one to pick what genre film they have to film, and one to determine a theme or something they have to include in the film (so dice one would have stuff like sci fi, drama, action, etc. While dice two has stuff like "dream scene" or "silent film" or "parody" and such). Once this is determined, they then go on to write up a short script and film all in one day! Then their editor spends a couple of weeks tweaking the footage, and voila, we are left with a short film!

The link i am posting here today is the link to their first video. Whilst i don't know these people, i really like their videos! And i think if you guys like their videos too you should like, comment and subscribe to them! If you don't like them, then please don't post negative comments. I know you're allowed your own opinion, but these guys don't earn any money for it, they do it for fun and out of their own spare time, they don't need to be put down for it... If you must say something bad about them, please say it here...

Anyway, here is the link to their first video, enjoy!


  1. Sweet as man! They're pretty good!

    I'm heaps interested in finding things like this, and also cool videos that aren't viral. Any chance you could help me out with this?

    Cheers mate! :)

  2. Oh wow! That's pretty cool!

  3. Wow, that's heaps good!